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Online Quran classes and services provided by CLOUD LAB PRIVATE LTD, a multinational software development consultancy company, with a unique web-based teaching software called MAKTAB
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Quran Class Online

Easy online access to education: Learn from anywhere with just a laptop and internet connection

How it Work?


E-learning mode of education has now received acceptability worldwide. You just need to have a laptop/PC & internet connection to start your sessions instantly.

Highly qualified and experienced Quran teachers provide excellent online teaching through a rigorous hiring process

Selection Criteria


We hire experienced and qualified Quran teaching faculty having minimum 8 years of Quranic education equivalent to Dars-e-Nizami. Every teacher goes through a hiring process which involves verbal .

Learn Quran online with Taj weed - Quranclassonline.com

Quran Courses We Offer


Quranclassonline.com initially started with Quran reading course but with the passage of time we added new courses which include Quran Reading with Tajweed.

Quran class teachers prioritize teaching Tajweed from the start and provide a dedicated Tajweed Book authored by senior teachers

Quran with Tajweed


Quran class teachers strongly believe that Tajweed should be taught from the beginning, and for the same reason we have not only designed curriculum but also published Tajweed Book written by our senior teachers .

Islamic education and Quran sessions help students gain religious knowledge and defend their faith

Basic Islamic studies


Teachers gives basic Islamic knowledge to kids with regular Quran sessions.We wish that all our students must be able to explain their religion and can defend.

Quran class teachers recommend starting at 4 years old and offer 30-minute lessons to learn Quran with Tajweed online

Lesson For Kids


During our journey we have come across many situations but, the best age we recommend to start is 4 years. Our regular Quran class timings are 30 minutes each lesson but if a child is of 4 or less than initially.

Free Trial Sessions


A lot of people who wish to learn Quran with Tajweed online are not sure if it would work for them or not. You simply click on Book Free trial class button,fill out your details.

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Affordable Fees (Hadiya)


Another advantage of studying the Quran online is the affordable prices we offer. Our commitment to bringing the true meaning of the Quran to Muslims around the world is exemplified by our high teaching.

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Quran class online.com is an E-learning product of CLOUD LAB PRIVATE LTD which is a multinational software development consultancy company. Back in 2012, we developed a web based Quran teaching software application called “MAKTAB” which stand us out from rest of the campaigns offering similar services.


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