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Launched Digital Services Store to minimize project life cycle

Cloud Lab Private Ltd has launched Digital Services Store (DSS) for all the people who are looking for IT related service providers. .

It's not a marketplace where anyone can upload their product for sales but all the assets in the store are indigenously designed, developed and offered by Cloud Lab Private Ltd. There are some software and design elements which are jointly created by our company and our valued joint venture partners. Theme behind launching such services store owned by a company is to minimize the overall IT related project life cycle. Normally you need to swap lot of emails in case you want some company to develop a website for you or develop a mobile application for your business.

Even from initial conversation, price bargains to approval of sample design work it consumes lot of time. Our store make it simple, first of all you can manage all your conversation from our team from the store in app messaging system. If you want us to make some design work for you, there are two options, firstly if you are in hurry and do not need custom made art work for you then you can search our readymade design elements, pay for it and get it done within 48 hours. Secondly if you require custom made design you can also just fill out our custom project form and we extract most of the initial functional requirement from that form. We decide the price within the system and manage communication from your profile page. You do not need to wait for invoices, everything is atomized and you pay for your services online or pay for your virtual wallet.

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Ahmad Raza - Operations Manager, Cloud Lab Private Ltd

We are getting excellent feedback from our clients after launching Digital Services Store. Not only clients but it has made our life so easy to manage our client list, their jobs, completed / queued tasks and finances from a single place.