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Enhance your Quranic knowledge with online classes, Tajweed lessons, translation, and memorization services offered by QuranClassOnline.com, a multinational E-learning product of CLOUD LAB PRIVATE LTD - pioneers of the web-based Quran teaching software MAKTAB

Maktab V2.0

Improve employee productivity and satisfaction, and achieve organizational goals with effective Employee Management practices

Employee Management


EM is a practice that helps a manager improve employee productivity and satisfaction to help an organization reach its goals.

A student record management system for tracking attendance, productivity, and daily class records

Student Record


Student Record System maintain students daily class records, attendance and their daily productivity.

Improve the admission process for students, parents, and administrators with a student admission management system

Student Admission


The student admission management system is not only helpful for the administrators but also works for the ease of students and parents.

Automated payment reminders and tracking system for hassle-free fee management in maktab

Payment Reminders


This means you as an administrator of the maktab do not need to chase parents for overdue payments nor have to verbally remind them about their next payment date.

Effortlessly manage and report student attendance with a convenient on-the-go attendance system - keep parents informed with detailed absence and presence reports



Mark class attendance on-the-go.Send absent as well as present student detailed attendance reports to parents within few clicks attendance

A customized dashboard for students, teachers, floor administrators and parents to access relevant reports at a glance



There is a separate dashboard for Students, Teachers, Floor administrator and Parents so they can quickly get a complete report of their concern dashboard.

Simplify complex academic tasks with a comprehensive management system for subject syllabus, lesson planning, scheduling, timetables, and more - manage your academic workload with ease

Teacher Managment


Effectively manage complex task such as subject syllabus management, lesson planning, timetable, scheduling and much more

Efficiently monitor and analyze diagnostic center's performance with comprehensive management information system reports for each module

Fee & Finance


Fee Management can be easily set up to suit every student’s needs. Build custom fee bands that take into account individual deductions, track fee defaulters create custom reports, and more.

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Patent Software MAKTAB for Quran Lessons

Online Quran classes, Tajweed lessons, Quran translation, Memorization / Hifz are core services we offer through our website. Quran class online.com is an E-learning product of CLOUD LAB PRIVATE LTD which is a multinational software development consultancy company. Back in 2012, we developed a web based Quran teaching software application called “MAKTAB” which stand us out from rest of the campaigns offering similar services.


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