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Custom-designed Municipal Complaint Management System for efficient complaint handling in government and large real estate societies
Complete society support management system

Complaint Management System

Efficiently manage complaints from residents through mobile applications and phone calls for government and large-scale real estate society projects using Municipal Complaint Management system

Live Complaining


User can complain the society live by posting pictures of the affected area or by selecting the location through provided Google map in the app.

Text message support for inquiring about complaints

In-App Communication


This feature allows users to speak to the support agents using text message and inquire regarding the complaints.

Effortlessly report issues and track complaints with our Municipal Complaint Management System

Real-Time Updating


User can update his / her complaints anytime by posting new photos of the affected area, by sending a text again to the admin or by selecting

Live Google Maps integration enables admin to view complaint locations in real-time from the dashboard

Graphical Description


Admin can view the location of complain live from the dashboard using Live Google Map Api integration.

Effortlessly manage complaints with hierarchy modeling, ensuring speedy resolution and satisfied stakeholders

Hierarchy model


Hierarchy modelling make it super easy for admin to deal with the complaints and forward to the concerned departments or individuals.

Feature-rich web-based dashboard powers Android and iOS mobile applications

2 x Core Modules


Mobile applications are completely driven by a feature loaded web-based dashboard.Mobile applications for Android & iOS stores.

User can direct complaints to the appropriate department or individuals

Different Department


User would be able to deliver or transfer the complaints to the respective department. the respective department individuals.

Role-based web portal for society owners and departments with customized views for various user groups

MCMS Web Portal


The web portal of the System is designed to offer administrative features to the society owners / concerned departments.The portal offer role based customized views (admin, finance, field staff etc..)

software video presentation

Municipality Complaint Management

The Municipal Compliant Management system is specifically designed by keeping government and large-scale real estate society projects in mind where local residents will be able to register their complaints to the concerned departments using mobile applications or over the phone call.


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