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Efficiently manage your real estate operations with our comprehensive software system designed to simplify and streamline your processes
Real Estate Management Software

Booking Management System

Manage User Access with Ease and Precision with Role-Based Access Controls

Dealers Management


Dealer management refers to the process of overseeing and coordinating the sales and support efforts of dealers or resellers. It involves setting goals, providing training and resources. and monitoring performance to ensure that dealers.

Manage Your Business Finances with Ease using Comprehensive Accounting Module

Accounting Module


Major segments of this module are Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Journal. It also keeps track or record of all your business account transactions and revenue

Optimize Your Sales Process with Streamlined Deals Management

Deals Management


Deals management refers to the process of managing sales deals from initial engagement with a potential customer to closing the sale. This includes activities such as lead generation, qualification, negotiation, and relationship building.

Register and manage customer information for better analysis and engagement

Customer Management


In this module, admin will register Customers. It will allow the company to manage and analyse its own interactions with its past, current and potential customers.

Optimize Your Inventory Levels with Streamlined Product Inventory Management

Product Inventory


Product inventory includes items such as raw materials, finished products, and items that are in the process of being manufactured. Businesses typically track their inventory levels to ensure that they have enough products.

Manage dealers and sales performance with ease

Dealer Interface


This module will have dynamic features for dealers like available deals and products, sale report, booking details & orders, commission report etc.

Streamline Your Purchasing Process with Booking Order Management

Booking Order


A booking order is a type of order placed with a supplier or vendor for goods or services that are to be delivered at a later date. It is a legally binding agreement between the buyer and seller that confirms the details of the purchase, including the price.

Effortlessly manage your marketing activities with Acadmax's Marketing Administrator

Marketing Administrator


Marketing Administrator features will cover dealers, deals, products, accounts, booking, sales dashboard and different reports.


Booking Management System

In the Real Estate Sector, we have developed a Software System that keeps your record up-to-date in a quick way with a fraction of seconds. Our Real Estate Management System deliberately planned to facilitate with high qualitative results as per the needs of our customer and gives a hand to deal with complexities while booking the procedure with an ease.


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