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We value relationships

Max-Intell is an IT Consultancy company speciazlied in complex Software application development. Cloud Lab and Max-Intell work closely since 2012 on software product development and design projects.

testimonial Max-intell, Pakistan www.max-intell.com

CY Scientific Instrument mainly provide regular furnace for hight-tech scientific research labs. They also deals in customized furnace related accessories and equpments in high quality for material research and R&D lab. We are in sales partnership for the promotion and after sales of their products in this region.

testimonial CY Scientific, China www.cysi.wang

miniMax Solutions is a karachi based technology company deals in complex open source technology projects. We love to work with miniMax Solutions specially on Php and Laravel based projects.

testimonial miniMax, Pakistan www.minimaxsolution.com

Boundless technolgies and Cloud Lab working relationship is our pride. Both companies swap in-house design jobs and collaborate on mega design related projects.

testimonial Boundless Tech, Dubai www.boundless.net.ae

FAW-AD is a Chicago based marketing company. We proudly say that from 2018 they will closely be working to promote our softwares and IT related services in USA market. FAW-AD is also our media partner and play vital role to market our services in desired areas.

testimonial FAW-AD Marketing USA

Our company acquired Solutionz247 - Pakistan back in 2012, but England cluster is working with us closely on sales and marketing fronts of our products. We also particularly work on outsource 2D image rendering projects with the company.

testimonial Solutionz247, England www.solutionz247.com

We offer the most complete house renovating services in the country, from kitchen design to bathroom remodeling. Innovativeness is the pledge of our stable development. We tap into the most successful international management data, forestalling market.

testimonial 3S Technologies Taiwan