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Ministry of Information & Broadcast, Pakistan


Social media marketing

Ministry of Information RAMDAN transmission SMM project

We were hired to cover Haq Haqdaar Tak (a project by ministry of information & broadcast, Pakistan on safer charity) Pakistan Television Network's Ramadan Transmission campaign Live & Offline at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Posting of all designed content as per schedule, Posting of all Seven (7) Programs in video format, All guests ket sound bites posts in video and image post on all platforms, Recording of seven programs and posting same day on all platforms, Key messages from discussion in TV program being posted on Facebook, twitter and Instagram in real time, Post design for seven programs for all platforms, Seven (7) Polls handled on all social media platforms, Facebook Live testing for PTV transmission for HHT Transmission, Scheduling of content, Analysis Report for social media platforms separately, Ramadhan 2017 Full month promotion of already created and published content.

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Ahmad Raza - Operations Manager, Cloud Lab Private Ltd

Haq Haqdaar Tak, is an awareness campaign by Ministry of Information and broadcast on safer charity. Cloud Lab Private Ltd was opted to look after the Social Media visibility of the official RAMADAN TRANSMISSION PROGRAMS of this campaign broadcasted live on state television - PTV.