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Ministry of Information & Broadcast, Pakistan


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PurAzm Pakistan - A Project by Govt of Pakistan (MOIB)

PurAzm Pakistan is an effort to pay tribute to all those unsung heroes and their families, who have lost their life but not spirit. They’re far more resilient than before, far more committed to national integrity, and far more faithful and devoted to this land – instead of breaking this nation, terrorists have brought them together under one flag. Pakistan has paid a very heavy price for terrorism, there is no precise account of numbers of dead and injured but the rough estimates put the figures to over 52,000. Hundreds of suicide bombings have inflicted colossal damages to human and social infrastructure. The socio-economic situation is likely to have adversely affected the efforts for poverty alleviation as well as other development work. There are thousands of other stories of bravery and resilience that could have been included in PurAzm Pakistan.

Cloud Lab won this project in 2017 and our responsibility was to design official website of the project including its content and social media presence.

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Ahmad Raza - Operations Manager, Cloud Lab Private Ltd

PurAzm Pakistan is a project by Ministry of Information & Broadcast, Pakistan. Campaign's digital visibility including project's official website contract has been awarded to Cloud Lab Private Ltd.