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Lahore Museum, Pakistan



Libmax deployment & digitization of Lahore Museum data

Lahore Museum’s majestic red-brick building stands on Shahrahe-Quaid-e-Azam, previously known as the Mall. Blended with the old tradition of Mughal Architecture, Lahore Museum stands out among the structures built in Lahore during the British period (1849-1947). This building is home to the country's largest and oldest collection of historical, cultural and artistic objects. Its collections of Gandhara sculpture, miniature paintings rare manuscripts and old coins are known throughout the world. Similarly, its treasure of modern paintings, arts and crafts and ethnology are a national heritage beyond comparison. These collections attract research scholars, students and tourists from all over the world and constitute a unique cross-section of the cultural history of the Subcontinent The history of areas outside the Subcontinent is also brought to life here-the Museum houses artefacts from many countries and regions such as Burma, Bhutan, Nepal, Tibet, Central Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Libmax is our state of the art Library automation system. Lahore museum selected LIBMAX as their software technology platform to automate their library related process and digitization of archived data.

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Ahmad Raza - Operations Manager, Cloud Lab Private Ltd

Max-Intell and Cloud Lab Private Ltd has been given the opportunity to archive historical data of Lahore museum on our state of the art library information system "LIBMAX".