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Scientific Lab Equipment / Machine Import for Universities & Research Groups

We are proud to have highly qualified team working for us on all levels and it has given us confidence to start hardware import division and provide consultancy in specific domains.Our product rang includes Semiconductors, Laser optical equipment, Spectroscopy, Opto-Mechanics, Application system, Probers, Hall effect measurement systems, Cables, Connectors, Relays, Adhesives & Sealants, Fuses & Circuit Breakers, Switches, Transformers, Power supplies & DC-DC Converters, Soldering Desolrdering Equipments, Test & Measurement Equipment,High Pressure compressors & Spares etc.,

We represent ISO 9000 certified suppliers / manufacturers and distribute their products nation wide with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

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Specialized equipments & consultancy

Laser optics

Wide rnage of laser optical machines and accessories

  • Laser cutting & engraving
  • Laser marking machine
  • Precision machine
  • Laser processing system
  • Solar panels
  • CO2 Laser cutting


Best possible range of spectroscopy machines

  • Solar Cell System
  • Fluorescence Spectrometer
  • Monochromator
  • Data Acquisition Unit
  • Light Source
  • Detector Assemblies


We are in partnership with market leaders of OM

  • Motion Control
  • Manual Positioners
  • Mirror Mount
  • Accessories
  • Optical Breadboards
  • Tables

Application Sys

List of few advance application systems we provide

  • Detector Responsivity
  • Infrared Transmittance
  • Photochemistry
  • PL / EL System
  • Solar Cell Current
  • Raman Spectrum

Standard Probers

Find below list of standard probers we import

  • Basic Machine
  • Micro Head
  • Thermal System
  • Accessories
  • Mini Chamber Probers
  • Bending Stress

Hall Effect System

Supplying best possible Hall Effect Measurement Systems

  • Measurement System 8800
  • Tempratured System 8686
  • High-temp System 8888
  • Accessories
  • Spares
  • Software

4 Point Probers

We have range of high quality 4 point probers

  • EZ Prober - EFP Series
  • Standard 4 Point
  • Motorized Prober
  • TFP Series
  • Auto 4 Point
  • High-temp 4PP

Solar Testing

Some of machines we import for Solar Measurement

  • Crystal Solar Prober
  • Flip Solar Prober
  • Solar Fixture
  • Solar Test Fix
  • Accessories
  • Software